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Hello, fellow Ford Ranger fans! Joe from CARiD here. Allow me to introduce the newest entry to our truck bed accessories catalog, the folding BAKBox 2 by BAK Industries. It is designed to work seamlessly with rolling and folding tonneau covers by the same manufacturer. They make the box waterproof when closed.

If you prefer portability over capacity in your toolbox design, then the BAKBox 2 is a perfect accessory for your truck’s bed! It features a unique design allowing the user to fold this box away freeing 10 extra inches of cargo space in the back for loading large equipment. You can do it in mere seconds by unstrapping hook-and-loop fasteners, folding down the rear wall and then folding it up along with the bottom. The side brackets also acting like sidewalls remain clamped to the tonneau cover rails.

BAK® - BAKBox 2 Folding Toolbox at

This video explains how it works:

  • Fold-up construction with hook-and-loop fasteners
  • Load capacity up to 200 lb
  • 1/2" thick solid core panels
  • Fits under tonneau covers by BAK
  • Keeps content dry and secure when a tonneau cover is closed
  • Invisible when a tonneau cover is closed
  • Measurements: 10"-deep, 10"-wide, and the truck bed width-long
  • Includes organizing tray that can slide from side to side of the box for management of small objects
  • Panels match the tonneau cover
  • Made from strong double-sided aluminum panels
  • Powder coat finish for exceptional durability
  • Ford Ranger with 6- or 7-foot-long bed (from 1994 to 2011 model years)
I will gladly answer all your questions in this thread or via direct messages. For more detailed information, visit or simply click any picture and feel free to contact our help center.
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