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Xenon or HID lights

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Hey guys, what kinda set up do i want to get if i wanna get Xenon/HID i know nothing about this at all, all i know is i want the ones that look blueish, i see at autozone you can get them but idk what ones to get since they have a variety should i just ask them or anyone on here know?
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i buy mine from the stereo shops. i pay about $150 most of the time but have yet to do it to my ranger i have installed them in a ton of other cars from bmw to kias lol. the thing to look out for is the color number you like the blueish ones and thats good cuz the real hid is a blue. now when i say real i mean the one that was made for better vision and not just show is the mid to light blue color i want to say it was 9000k cant remember right off hand but blue is good for sure

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The Kelvin range goes all the way from Amber to Purple... You're right BADINTEN, blue I believe is from the 7500-9000 range. It kinda depends on the manufacturer. I've seen some that were 8000 that looked purple... LOL
ya i think your right on the blue range and i have seen more colors than i care to remember lol

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yeah, ive seen puprple... :eek: haha but alright, im guessing than that the ones from autozone arent very good because there like 20$$
Yeah, if you want true HID's your gonna have to pay... My buddy who drives an older Acura just bought some true HID's off eBay for $45 shipped... they're sick as hell!

Good thing they're alot cheaper than they use to be! Use to be about $200 a set!
oh alright, well thats not even that bad! yeah, i think they'll look sweet on my truck, i gotta get some headlight restoration cleaner too, getting a little fogged over
well i'm glad i came across this i worked at autozone a was a parts sales maneger DON'T GET THE BLUE ONES FROM AUTOZONE get 7000 kelvin ones. that should give u the blue tint and let u atleast see at night above 7000 kelvin gives u the shittiest visibilety at night. my fog lights are 7000 kelvin and only 50 watts. but VERY IMPORTANT if u get 6000 kelvin and above at 100 watts u will burn and melt ur wire harness for ur lights and u will have to replace it all or have to splice and tape wires it is a pain in the ass i've had it happen more than 4 times with me till i shopped around and found 50 watt ones. now i have a buddy that installed a hid coversion kit and it is bright as hell and looks like a 9000 kelvin bulb if u go to this website they will have prices for both the bulbs and the hid kits unless they don't sell them anymore. but if u get the 6000 and above at 100 watts make sure to check ur wires constantly cuz it is a pain to redo those. if u need anymore info let me know glad ta help.
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no i get these for 45 to 90 depending on warranty and brand but its all over craigslist in my area
i had the 30k hid headlights not a smart idea for plastic lens they were on the lincoln it melted them but the ranger gets 10k got them on order now.
10 k is ok but 8 is ideal for style and function
I prefer the 7-8K range... I just like the whitish blue color...
hey the 30 k was high beam i put them there to piss the pos drivers on the rd but in the long run it cost me more money.
i like style but i really just want to see better lol
with the areas around here 10k is perfect and it pisses ass holes off that think there light are bright no happening
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