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whats the best and worst tire's you have ran

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I have to say that the best tires i have run are the Super Swamper Iroc's i love these tire's for wheeling and they seem to be wearing very well on the street also. these tires really impresed me when i put them on my dodge and there is a water fall that i could not make up more than 15-20 feet and i made it about 70-80 up it with rocks covered with mose after i put these tire's on they did so good i got skard and had to go back down!

And the second best tire would be the Super Swamper SSR very all around tire's.

And the worst tire i have ever run was the Dunlop mud rover they sucked in the mudd they sucked in the ran and on the street i put a brand new set on my dodge just before doing a cross country moveing/wheeling trip from virgina to upstate newyork to utah about 2800 miles and these tire's had a little over 1/4 tread left when i arived in utah.
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my favorite would be my bridgestone dueler MT's. just awesome. they have been discontinued unfortunately. i got the last 33's in utah 3 years ago.

second would be bfg AT's. very good all around tire.

least favorite were my procomp MT's. they didn't grip well, they didn't clean out very good and they wore out very fast.
I ran the Bridgestone Dueler AT's on my 2wd and they where awesome. I never wheeled the old 2wd but I got 68000 miles out of them.

The worst tires I ever bought were the Mastercraft AT's. Got less than 20000 out of them and they sucked in mud and snow.

I ran some Super Swamper SSR's on the back of my 2wd for a while they did awesome in about anything, but handled terrible on the street.

Thats when I switched the the Goodyear Wrangler MTR's. They do well both on and off road.

I am running BFG KO's now and I like them so far, but I would be happier with a mud tire but I drive too much on the highway for them to last and I cant afford two sets of wheels and tires yet. I want to get a set 33-14.50 boggers for the back and 33-12.50 TSL's for front and use those for wheeling.
Best For Street: BFG AT's

Best For Mud: Boggers

Best For Overall Offroading: Iroks

Worst Tire I've Ran for Offroad: SSR's...

Sorry guys, the SSR's I had blew horribly in the mud... they caked up quickly and turned into 37" drag slicks... I think it may have had something to do with the size of them... the smaller ones, the knobs are closer together and more pronounced...
I dont do much off roading so as of right now ive only run normal small truck tires... Ive only had 2 types on this truck due to money as of right now...

Goodyear Wrangler RT/S(OEM)- good tires with great tread life and decent grip. wet road grip isnt great though.

Goodyear Wrangler Radials- this is what on right now. cheap so that ill save up for a good set...

the Wrangler RT/S is much better than the Radials but ive driven a ranger with the Bridgestone Duler A/T Revo 2 and that is a great tire! Unless I see something else that i like more before i need new tires then those will be it!
Street BFG All Terrains Or BFG Mud Terrains for off roading...
the worst tire i had was the cooper st they wore down so fast and cupped
the best tire i have had luck with is the new BFG km2 mud tire i've gone 10,000 miles on highway and they are still like brand new
the old BFG km was a great tire too but they just don't sell it no more
Nope That is why I run all terains
i love BFG KM2's they are the best tire i have ever run
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