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What kind of shocks?

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What kind of shocks should i buy (brand and type)? And what lenngth? I want 6 in extended ones, because i have 2 in longer coils, plus a 2 in coil spacer, plus 2 in for extra flex.
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Bilstein makes some killer shocks, but they are pretty pricey...
Check ebay for lifted Ranger shocks... you may be able to turn something up... you will probably get a bunch of hits for skyjacker shocks (not terrible, but not as good as bilstein IMO)...

Also check out a company called "Top Gun Customz" (or something like that)... I've bought a couple things from them and they are pretty legit...
pro-comp there cheap and there tough that's what i run and Ive never had a problem with them but don't get sky jacker i tryed them twice and i broke the shaft on 3 of them.
WHich pro comp shocks should i get? HOw do i specify the length?
3000 shocks will work just fine that's what i run and i think i got them for like $35 apiece threw summit racing just call them and tell them how much lift you have and they will set you up with what you need.
So they have shocks for a 2 in lift and some for a 4 in lift. I only have a 2in lift, but could i gert the 4 for extra flex? Summit also only has skyjacker (says the guy on the phone).
i don't no who you talked to but they don't no what there talking about here is a link. if you get some one who no's what there talking about they should point you in the right direction i usually will go take a measurement of my suspension fully dropped out and then one of it fully collapsed and find one that will work best for ya. they have the lengths on there.|Asc
I called back and bought the pro comp es 3000's, for a 4 in lift. I got boots for the front even though most off roaders dont, cause they look cool.
Can somebody tell me the length of a bii stock shock? I ordered 4 in lift shocks, and they are 20.24in extended, 12.45in compressed. When i measured the length in my truck extended it is 16in. I know i should have done all of this before, i dont know what i was thinking. Do i really need stock height shocks, with a d35 and explorer coils?
Also what is the stock front axle length for an explorer?
Dyllan said:
Also what is the stock front axle length for an explorer?
What do you mean by axle length?
oops, Stock shock length for the front axle.
Same as a BII
If i decompressed the front axle and it measured 16in from shock mount to shock mount. What length should i get? 16in 17in or 18in? How do i figure the right length for compressed?
you need to compress the springs all the way to get the length and you dont want to buy a shock that is 2inches longer for travle . thats why you measure it so you know the limit on the travle in the first place, if you max out your trucks travle why would you need a shouck that can go passed it
I agree with BADINTEN on that one.
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