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what about UTAH

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What about utah ???
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you mean what region?
ya thats what i meant!
West? ???
Well, in trying to keep the regions semi small to where small meets are possible, i thought of tat region consisting of Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico... Thought of calling it the 4 Corner States or something... if you want to head up that region, go for it! And name it whatever you want, just make sure it has some kind of name that will describe the area like the others. If you do take up heading the region and creating the thread, try to use the outline that the other regions are using to keep it uniform and easy to sort out.

You up to it?
I think the sooner we get our regions up the better, it will be easier to have people go and sign up in their region, which will make meets that much easier.
Yep, ill update my Region classification topic on more regions so people can head them up and all.
ya ill take that over but i was thinking Utah / Idaho / Wyoming / Colorado i live in northern UT. would that be the mid west or?
okay, lets see... to possibly do that i would have to add a region and change them up a little... check this to make sure it would probably be okay:

Grand Canyon Region
New Mexico

Mid-West Region
Southern Idaho

North Rockies
Northern Idaho

Hows that look for revising that strip of states?
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that would work ;D
okay, so youre gonna head up the Mid-West Region right? If you are, go ahead and create a thread with it and make it the same layout as the others to keep it uniform and simple in the opening post... ill mark you on the Region Breakdown as the Mid-West Leader.
ok i did
good stuff. ill get danny to sticky it tomorrow!
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