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Earlier in the day I saw a B2 with a small .... Plow on the front. It was kinda weird, I took pictures, Ill upload them someday. The funny thing is I saw a Ranger with a plow a week before. Crazy.
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just go really fast and it should plow threw it ???
Parking lots and such? Really tight turning radius probably helps. Load up pics 8)
I wanna see this thing! LOL
That pic was taken two days ago? Good lord you have a ton of snow!

A friend of mine had a plow on his BII. It worked well because of its tight turning radius but when the snow was wet and heavy, it took a beating to get the job done.
its holding the wait pretty well
Yes it is actually. That is a very interesting find there. I have never seen a snow plow on a bronco!
BII you Mean, I see them on Broncos all the time. just not the BII
Yes BII oops hehehe
I found it on Craigslist well at least the plow on it. LOL
haha... you should get it and put it on your truck!

Show that BII what's what...
yea if ur crazy lol do not put that on ur truck hahaha
i know a couple guys that have them, on full size mind you .but they work as long as you dont let the snow build up .steering ,when plowing has a couple things to be desired. and chains and plowing seems to break ****. just what i have witnessed.
you guys would crap yourself if he had 1000 of sand and a twin turbo big block tucked in there to push snow lol
Well, I remember where I saw that one Ranger with a plow. I will take a picture someday, but its at a business they use it for their yard. Of course it was a stop on my Route until another vending company took it. Its called Truck well, They have I think it a 03 Ranger White, with their decals all over it, I also think its a advance plow. But like I said I shall get picture some other time.
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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