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My names Newks I got 2.5 rangers ha. I got my 04 edge sohc 5spd 2wd. My baby is my 96 its in the middle of a transformation. I bought it stock from a friend. Cut the coils and put on some splash leafs. I sold the truck about a year ago. Then I bought it back and I lowerd it with DJM beams and I cut a half coild out of some splash coils droping it 6 in the front. The back I got a flip kit and the splash leafs giving it around 8inches of drop out back. I still have lots of work to do. I gota put the motor back together and slap a new clutch in it. I will probably paint it white and put some black steelies on it. as for my half ranger I rolled it and cut the roof off. It just got parts stolen off from there. Now its on the way to the scrap yard. As for myself personally. I will be leaving for the marines hopfully by january more then likely febuary. I am engadged and other then that lol not much going on. I look forward to this site. I hope it doesnt get as F'dup as some of the other ranger sites where people just rag on each other because they can.
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o we rag but all in good funn lol. just to let you know your have more than 2.5 cuz i do have 2.5 two full and a ranger trailer i built lol. cant wait to see more pics i rolled my ranger not to long ago but im rebuilding her as we speak laters.

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Welcome to the site! Your truck looks sick! Glad to have another lowered Ranger!
Welcome! The truck looks great... im also looking to lower to a street stance later on with my 03 egde... rag, nah...we just mess around with eachother... this is a great group of guys here! Good luck with Parris Island! Im Navy Rotc and I went down to Camp Lejune for a week to do some training and its some hard work! Where are you located as of right now?

Semper Fidelis
Damn I was hopin that I would be the first lowerd ranger lol.

I suppose to if I really think about it if I added up all my other ranger parts I would have about 4 rangers really I got another frame some axles ect lol.

I was so bummed when I bought my edge knowing that either I was going to have to get a 4wd chassis with a soch if I wanted a 5spd or I was going to have to get an auto with the sohc to get a lowerable chassis. So I just went with the edge and bought my 96 for 500 bucks to full fill my needs lol.

I dont have any roll over pics of my 92 (the one I rolled) when it happen the second time. I swear that truck was bad luck. I hydro planned and flipped it on its side wich wsnt back casue I just popped the front tire back on it bead and drove it home once I had the rubberside back down.

As the marines I will be in san diego. I live in wisconsin and I am not allowed to go to parris islan for some weird reason. Wich is fine with me cause I dont like sand fleas any how.

Ok I dont have much for pics currently but heres a few of the two tha i still have assembled.

The 04 when I first got it

as she sits now

As for my 96 this is the only "complete" picture I have of it

Heres a front picture and under carrage pic. I cant even get a lighter laying flat under my radius crosser bolts lol

Ok I gotta go to school and get my fricken diploma since nobody told me you cant get into the marines anymore with just a ged

lata brothas
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very nice trucks man! BTW, mine isnt lowered yet... thats a few years down the road after college. lol... I like those black rims on the truck... so which truck do you drive most? sounds like you have a good selection! lol
Welcome to the sight.. Good luck with school...
It looks great.
Looks great man!
I drive my 04. My 96 isnt really together there lol. The front hubs were off a 92 the bumper isnt bolted up and the bed is just resting on there and I dont belive there was a rear window in it. I blew up the clutch in that truck and the starter died too.

To school is really easy. All I really have to do is show that I am compitent. Like 9th grade math and being able to blanace a check book. Crap like that. My instruter thinks is assinine that I have to do it becasue I am clearly compitent enough to do it. The reason I got me GED was I got in a very very bad fight early 10th grade. I dont wanna get into to much detail but I was almost charged with attempted manslaughter or somthing of that nature. So it wasnt a lack of academic knowledge lol.

My 04 is lowerd a little bit lol. I took out the rear blocks and dropped the Tbars all the way down.
get eer done im not far from san diego less than two hours ha ha ill start my own region soon suckers lol just kidding nice rides thought

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how far were you able to safely lower the t-bars?
forgot to say nice dew bottle for the size compar lol. you can lower the t bars all the way bro you just need to make sure the bolts wont drop out and get lost lol. the xpoi had still rode good for being all the way down and after i got rid of it someone posted a how to on makin it even lower in front with lil cutting. but i needed a whole new front so no big

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ah okie dokie... how many inches did you drop your t-bars newks?
I never measured it exactly but I am typically 2inches lower then a stock edge in the front.
okay... what size rims and tires you got on it then? 17 im assuming?
Nah there all stock Stock tear drop rims and stock tire size.
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