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So I came up with this idea over the weekend. I eventually want to put an exhaust on my truck and dont want to spend $250-$350 on exhaust only to find out that I dont like the way it sounds. SOOOO we always have these threads for pics and vidoes of our trucks, now its time for some exhaust clips!! Then we can pick and choos which sounds we like!

So now post video clips of your exhaust. Please try to do this via Photobucket because if you're like me, I cant get on youtube at work and all Youtube video dont work.

Format should be as follows:

Year/Trim/Engine of truck
Type of Exhaust(i.e. True Dual, SI/DO Muffler, glass pack, etc...)
Style of Exhaust (i.e. Side Exit, rear exit, etc..)
Brand of Exhaust

Photobucket Video Link

Someone start us off! (A mod can make this official if they

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k so my wife was working the gas for me and it was kinda a lame video b/c it was on my phone but here it is.

Ill make another one with a better camera so you can hear it better the phone only gets part of what it sounds like.

91 xlt
4.0l auto
one cat delete 2 1/2 inch pipe to a single in single out magnaflow magnapack muffler
then y's off into dual pipes 2 1/2 also with 2 1/2 inch tips nice and clean

Note* If you notice its ran a little different then my earlier pics.
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