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Tried craigslist a few times over the last couple of years to get this off my hands and out of the garage. Wanted to know if anyone was interested in trying to do the rest of the mods to get it to fit their ranger. Has the mounts to do the drum brakes and 4 lug spindles, the gears are in excellent shape and rock solid. Only concern is one of the rear mount cover bolts broke off when removing the cover to do the inspection. Just like any other rear end, all the parts are interchangeable to convert to different ratios. Suspension mounts need to be welded on.

Cleaned it up and keep it in the garage until it finds a good home, just make and offer...

Other parts to get rid of:

Upper and Lower 5.0 HO intake manifolds, just extras lying around. Powdercoated grey.
Mustang suspension coil springs (2)
Radiator and complete air conditioning set up for the 2.3L ranger
Brackets for the airpump and idler pulley assembly.
86 to 89 ranger hood, in Ford red. Looks like i don't need the old one.
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