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U/D Pullies Trouble

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So, im pumped that I finally got my pullies but im getting a little ticked off. I went to autozone and advanced auto parts and all of their fan clutch removal tools are too big for my truck. So i figured that I would just work on the crank pulley and the alternator pulley to at least get those tow on since they are the only ones with different diameters. Due to the stupid fan which I cannot get off, I cant get to the bolts on the crank pulley.

Im at a complete loss at what to do now. I want to get this thing running with the extra power but its just ticking me off. The next chance ill get on working on it is sunday or monday.

Is there anyone that has any experience/ advice for removing the fan/ fan clutch on a 3.0? Or if theres any writeups out there that will help me out i will be forever in your debt!!! lol.

Thanks for any help!
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The turning direction is helpful! I actually tried to do more research and found a thread on Ranger-Forums on it. A guy with the same year, submodel, trim, engine, tranny, and everything else had some important info. Apparently on a stock setup for my truck the nut isnt a 36mm like I had thought it would be. Its a stock 7/8 inch nut and since the fan clutch wrench wont go around the bolts you have to either try to crack it loose with the belt on and tight or get a strap wrench and put it around the water pump pulley while the belt is off as a brace. Makes no sense why ford designed all but this particular fan clutch as the 36mm but oh well. Gotta run to the store now so that I can get some tools and get it running!

Also, is there a particular or easier way to get the drive crank pulley off? Maybe take the fan shroud out?
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