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U/D Pullies Trouble

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So, im pumped that I finally got my pullies but im getting a little ticked off. I went to autozone and advanced auto parts and all of their fan clutch removal tools are too big for my truck. So i figured that I would just work on the crank pulley and the alternator pulley to at least get those tow on since they are the only ones with different diameters. Due to the stupid fan which I cannot get off, I cant get to the bolts on the crank pulley.

Im at a complete loss at what to do now. I want to get this thing running with the extra power but its just ticking me off. The next chance ill get on working on it is sunday or monday.

Is there anyone that has any experience/ advice for removing the fan/ fan clutch on a 3.0? Or if theres any writeups out there that will help me out i will be forever in your debt!!! lol.

Thanks for any help!
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You could take the shroud off, but I think that it can't come completely out without taking the fan off. That is the way it is on my 96 4.0. But you could unbolt it and slide it over the fan towards the engine to give you more room. When I had to turn the motor over when I was taking the trans out, I didn't feel like taking the shroud off so I just cut 3-4 inches out of it to get socket and ratchet on it from the bottom.

Back in my Subaru days, I read of people breaking the bolt loose in manual cars by jamming the flywheel with a large screwdriver, putting a breaker bar and socket on the bolt, finding a large long pipe to fit on the breaker bar, setting it on fender with protection to not scratch it, and then bumping the starter. I have no idea if this would work with a ranger though.
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