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trouble selling the b2

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well theres a guy that really wants the b2, she needs a leaf spring and exhaust. so i told him a while ago i would put in the leaf spring and the exhaust and sell her for $500. i thought that was being generous as its a pain in the ass to do. told him today she needs a front axleshaft but it takes only about an huor to put in at the most. (with my experience) and now he asked me if i was going to take it out of my parts rig and put in this one? not to mention i got to take the leaf spring and exhaust off my other truck to put in the b2 to sell. ill have her done up enough that i wont want to sell her myself soon
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oh and now the guy i buoght the b2 from is telling the guy buying it that shes in rough shape, and now he just said he cant buy it because his dad said no cause its to old

what a damn waste of time he was
Wow bro that sucks ???
^^^ times two
thats sucks but hey its fixed now
his loss and u can get more than 500 bucks from the next guy
Hell yea you can easily... 8)
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