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1993 Ford Ranger XL 2.3L
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1993 Ranger XL, 2.3L Automatic

Gents, I am confused. I'm no mechanic (I change my oil and air filter though!) so I'll need a second opinion on this one.

I think it easier if I just list the symptoms and what I've observed.

Several months back noticed about a teaspoon of red fluid on driveway.

I know I have transmission fluid loss. I was at a red light a month or so ago and went to go and there was a few seconds delay before it kicked in gear. I have been checking the T fluid level and adding Rislone ATF with built in stop leak.

I was checking the overflow radiator bottle and noticed the fluid was blackish brown. The inside overflow black rubber tube was swollen and like a pure jelly. The radiator fluid was very oily with a clearish slime to it. I haven't lost any radiator fluid and the vehicle does not overheat.

The teaspoon size puddle under the truck is like an light oil color now, not red.

Checking the oil dipstick it shows NO foam, its clear and full, no oil loss.

The transmission oil is clear, but I have to keep topping it off.

I took the truck in to my mechanic and he said it is motor oil getting in the radiator. Said try Blue Devil, that it could be a head gasket or cracked block.

I've checked other auto forums, and people insist its not motor oil but a cracked transmission cooler in the radiator, that it is transmission fluid and that one should replace the radiator.

Any thoughts on this? I really don't think it is motor oil either, as I said, dipstick shows no oil loss and oil is very clear.
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