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transfer case in my ranger

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is it a good one and could it be better? is there better ones out there that are more durable?
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I would say that it can hold up to pretty much stock power levels. Its just an Borg Warner 1354e. If you increase your power too much, then I would say you need to look into both a built trans and tougher transfer case. But I don't know of any cases that will bolt up to the ranger's tranny or any upgraded trans that will bolt up to the engine and work without a lot of modifications.

Also, a lot of guys swap in a manual 1354 just because the manual version is more reliable cuz there will be no electrical diagrams. I am also fairly confident that both the electric and manual internals are the same durability wise, but I could be wrong.
The early 1354 cases had 4 gear planetaries, and the later ones have 6 gears. The upgrade wasnt to eliminate a weak link, but to reduce NVH (noise vibration and harshness) the case or chain will blow apart long before the gears strip or fail. The 1354 came both manual and electric form and the late model (98+) cases use a "cup" style front yoke verses the double cardian joint found on the earlier Rangers. That transition was also the reduce NVH not to upgrade in strength. the only real upgrade you can do is get a manual case. But the manual cases with the "cup" style output are only found in the FX4 package Rangers. Another issue you may run into if you swap for a more reliable manual case is the fact the shifter needs to come the the floor where you center console is (you have a canter console IIRC). I have a thread in the tech section that addresses this issue when dealing with a full length Exploder or Ranger console.

The manual case I swapped into my truck was only a 4 gear planetary. The 6 gear planetary electric case I dropped out had nothing wrong internally I was just tired of the motor failing and wondering if it was in or not, so next time my manual case is off the truck I am going see if the manual 4 gear can be swapped for the 6 gear from the electric.

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thanks man lol i knew u would post on this but the prob with me putting a manual in is my dvd player and lcd screen is also in the way :( so it looks like i'm stuck with what i got :(
ah put atlas 2 in it or a np 205 and you will never brake it im shure advance adapters could set you up with something but it will cost you $$$$$$$$$$$
how easy would that be for a atles 2
i dont no it all depend's on if they make a adapter for you trany give them a call and see. and if not they might make one for you but again its going to cost you
money is no prob i just want a good rig that wont break apart
Arent Atlas 2's like $3000?
I think they are.. One of the guys at work had to replace one if i remember right but i think it was for a jeep though but I could be wrong..
rngrdanny22 said:
Arent Atlas 2's like $3000?
yup right around there
yea if you can find one.
red said:
would a jy one work lol
I doubt you'd ever find an Atlas in a jy, you could try craigslist or other forums' classifieds. Good luck, this time you'll really need it. :D
i found a 600 buck one at a local JY he said it was from a guys mud run truck some 1990 f 150 yall think it's a good one or since it was a mud run truck it might not be good?
HHHMMMMM i don't know
i got my 302 and if i can get a atlas 2 i can start looking for a nice transmission and than a ford 9 rear end and a front dana 44 and a junk yard gen 1 or another 2003 FX4 ranger and put it all together to make it a beast
Yes bro that would be sick I would have to pick the gen 1 for the over haul 8)
i know it would be easyier to do the gen 1 but i think alot of people do gen 1's so a 2003 one with all that on it would be sick as **** i mean right
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