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this is wheeling

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Those are some sweet rigs... would suck to flip though!
x2 i have never seen those before.
we call that hill climin around here
cvalcore said:
we call that hill climin around here
haha.... i've seen a few spots out west that look like that... ;D
i live in the flat lands .we have to drive in to a hole to climb ahill . i wheel in an abandon open pit mine so it all up steep hills and down .not to the extrema ike the vid but thats wheeling around here .there are the mud nuts but i am not into playing in the mud i work in it so f that.
this is the high spot in the place we wheel, you can see not but hills
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i lived just south of chicago for a couple years, all flat there, and limited places to offroad.... I had a car but one friend had a 4x4 s10 we sometimes would go out to a place or two and mess around.... I like it back here at home its rolling hills with rivers and streams - and I enjoy (when I get a chance) to go down fishing, and I don't really care for the lakes - too crowded.... So I usually find a private spot near some river or creek and those places are usually semi-back roads down to the rivers - which sometimes is a little adventure....
this hills i speak of are the only place around here. you go out in to these hills you better have some wheel spin and no fear of heights. and some good brakes.
we don't have that many high hills that you'd be have to worry about a fear of heights... but there's some long grades and narrow paths that you'd need good brakes or you might end up in a river or falling down over a bluff if you didn't stop or turn quick enough....
Yes that is a sick video for sure.....
thats awesome how they fly across the water like that and i bet it would hurt to get caught in that dirt sprayage from those tires lol
befor i die i am going to iceland just to see these things. these are the hole resone i went from street to dirt.
800+ with out the nos, dana 50 .the ultimate rbv
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that thing is just bad ass
Re: this is wheeling one more watch the others on the page they are loony
thats pretty awesome! I want to do that!!!
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