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This Is for Olford... My Mustang...

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Ok here is the Pictures I have been promising you Olford. ;D

Here is the Mustang I hope you guys like it. :)
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That is amazing man! Many people dont appreciate the 4.0 Mustangs but I sure do! Reminds me of my dad's GT. I bet its a blast to drive! Thanks man! And I love the black stripes on red! ;D
Yes it is so much fun to drive especially when you punch it and it squels and Liz gets all pissed because she drives like a Grandma in a mustang.. I tell her you got to drive faster hahaha >:?
its true! You have to use the power provided! lol. I know my dad's GT has the button to where you can turn Traction Control off, does yours? Its fun with it off!
No but I think it does have Limited Slip because it only lets you squel them for a short distance no matter how hard you hit it and the motor is screaming.
it does, pretty much all stangs after 2005 came with L/S. The GT is hard to keep the wheels on the pavement with the TCS on. Once you disengage TCS though it is fun to see where the car takes you. Lots of power going to that axle!
Yes for sure. I love the stang it is a super nice car to drive very comfortable and fast and good on gas...
sure is! These new stangs are gonna be amazing too! I always tell my dad i need a mustang because his 07 GT gets beter mpg than my truck! Parthtic and no fair!
I know that is why most of the time we drive the stang every where. Take the truck when we have all the kids.
haha, its crazy that these muscle cars are getting better mileage than the other vehicles these days. Just makes me want to get one even more!
I know its crazy 8)
i like it man but i say get better rims lol those look gay lol that what i think
those are good looking rims for a V6. Ford hooked up sthe Stang in 2005 with good options for the V6 and GT. And they are doing it again in 2011. You want to see bad stang rims, look at older V6 stangs. I like those. Small but sharp 5 spoke.
Those are Eagle Rims and they came with the car when my girl bought it. I ain't going to buy different ones because she likes them and besides she would kill me hahaha
no i like them but to me they seen way to small for a stang idc if its a v6 and is supposed to have them smaller lol its the way those look with the size of the tires the tires are to big and rims to small
I actually think they look good but it isn't my decision and if that is what she likes then she can have them
:D No not always when it comes to her car yea!!!! >:?
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