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According to a recent report, the new Ford Bronco will come with the same off-road navigation system as the Ranger Raptor. This is definitely cool news and it shows that Ford is serious about making the Bronco a proper off-roader.

The latest drip of information surrounding the Bronco comes from Hagerty, which published information on Tuesday citing an engineer's profile that's working with Ford. While it's nothing too juicy, the profile does claim this engineer has worked on several systems that will be baked into the new Bronco to juice its off-road prowess.

Of them all, off-road navigation is perhaps the neatest. It's already a production system in the Ford Ranger Raptor sold abroad and it leaves digital pinpoints on a map every second that can help drivers find their way back after an off-road stint. The other features outlined in the report haven't been confirmed by Ford, and the automaker told Roadshow it doesn't comment on future products.
Along with the off-road navigation the Bronco is apparently going to come with Adventure Capture, Convoy Communications, Real-Time Tire Pressure Monitoring, Rear Seat Occupant Alert, and On-Board Scales.

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