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Tapping sound

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Okay, ive got a tapping sound in my 3.0... it started after I did seafoam about 1500 miles ago. When id did it i did seafoam, ran it for a day, changed oil, changed plugs, and put zmax in the engine. Ive had people tell me it could be loose rockers and some people told me it could be spark jumping between spark plug wires.

Any ideas or advise on what it could be? thanks guys!

oh and it comes and goes in different temperatures it seems like.
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ill check the spark tonight... its not low... just filled it up and it hasnt burned any, just checked it... full of motorcraft synthetic... im wondering if its the tranny now cuz you can hear it from the side and after i put in some high mileage transmission treatment 2 days ago it stopped... but now its come back. if its the rockers, ill just probably save up for some performance rockers to put in while to top end is tore off.
you think running more seafoam of something through it may help break the crap up if it is that? I could rape the engine with the 2 bottles of seafoam Ive got laying around! lol
I did it at about 64000 miles. Put a little in the gas tank, a little in the crankcase, and then let the engine suck up the rest through the vacuum hose... then I ran the truck till white smoke was gode, drove it the next day, and then after that one day of 40 miles I changed oil, oil filter, and plugs.
yeah... im just wondering if the seafoam did something to loosen stuff and then clog it again... im at a loss...
yeah, im thinking some of the fuel additive cleaners, and then if that dont work dump some more seafoam in to see if it will break apart the clogged areas.
im not sure what it is... it comes and goes... come january ill probably have to change the oil so maybe ill do seafoam again if it continues... the tranny sounded good when i checked it today... gotta be something in the engine.
the plugs are brand new autolites... im getting new 8mm wires for xmas and then ill see how it does... im gonna go crazy and et some 93 octane gas next time i fill up to see what it does... today its been quiet and havnt heard it at all... its like a damn woman! moody as hell!
very true!
ill put in some 93 octane and then put a thing of octane booster in it! haha, just kidding... i gotta fill up after class so ill get the 93...
it only takes me 2.5 days to go through a tank so we shall see!
im just gonna run 93 for the next few tanks... just got paid so ill do this for a while with a octane booster or two.
ran the tank down to where when I filled up last night with octane 93 it took 13.2 gallons and ive only got a 14 gallon. Im gonna do 93 a few more times and see how it does... havent put any booster in it yet, that will go in with the next fill up. I couldnt hear any tapping this morning when I put 30 miles on it but like I said, it comes and goes so im gonna keep an ear out and let you guys know what happens.
i started it this morning and it was fine... after about 5 min of sitting still warming up it started again... im just gonna run a few tanks of 93 and see.
For some reason the 3003 short bed reg cab ranger edge only had a 14 gal tank... one of the only small ones ever put into the ranger.
well, it gives you more range with those extra gallons! haha
the way i see it, 2 more gallons would get my truck maybe 38 more miles! haha
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