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Tapping sound

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Okay, ive got a tapping sound in my 3.0... it started after I did seafoam about 1500 miles ago. When id did it i did seafoam, ran it for a day, changed oil, changed plugs, and put zmax in the engine. Ive had people tell me it could be loose rockers and some people told me it could be spark jumping between spark plug wires.

Any ideas or advise on what it could be? thanks guys!

oh and it comes and goes in different temperatures it seems like.
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How did you put the sea foam in and how many miles????
Yea it seems kind of early to be making noise that was why i tried everything i could to fix it and it was the gas all along i did sea foam too on my last tank of that crappy gas... I got almost 64000 too on my truck.. I switched from motorcraft plugs because the 3.0 ford found out made a pinging noise with them so there correction to the problem is recommended by ford to use autolite 103's and i did that the pingign stopped and then it came back when i switched gas so i had the pinging problem twice and corrected it twice to that was my expierence.. The fact is it should not be making a lot of noise at 60000 at least you would think it wouldn't be....
It could of i would try the other stuff first and then see what happens....
I'm definetly going to have to agree with BADINTEN on this one don't add anymore stuff to it yet look around first try the plugs try good gas see what happens ....
I'm really interested to see what happens...
Yes do that but i seriously don't think you need any octane booster just run for awhile with better gas and see what
1 - 6 of 41 Posts
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