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95 2.3L, last winter she started taking a long time to get warm. It sucked, especially in some of the sub-zero Michigan mornings we had. I was a cold dude. I figured the old thermostat was stuck open, so I wasn't too worried about it. What with a long Labor Day weekend and all, I figured I would change the oil and the fluid in the diff, and while I was at it I'd pop in a new thermostat. I pulled out the old one, didn't appear to be stuck open. Well, after putting it all back together once, I discovered that the housing was shot. Picked up a new housing, managed to bust the sensor trying to get it out. New sensor, and upper radiator hose went on the second time. Doesn't appear to be leaking, but I'm also noticing that the truck is still taking a long time to warm up. When I burped the cooling system, it seemed like the upper radiator hose started to get warm pretty much right away, unlike the other times I've done thermostats. I'm curious what other possible causes there are for this.
As always, any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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