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I've been digging around trying to avoid having to replace the whole tranny in my 5.0 Ranger when I throw the T-Case in, I've seen things about the tailshaft having an adapter for 2wd, and if 4wd the tcase bolts up in place of this adapter.

Is this true, I can't seem to google it enough and find all the information I'm longing for.

Everything I find is nothing to do with 4wd, but if its true I'm definately down for just being able to throw the tcase in with out needing new tranny.

It's an AOD at the moment, but i'm trying to give my D35 power without spending boo koo money, theres some places down here i have to go and after it rains, you can't in any 2wd car/truck.

Hence one reason I bought this thing :p

Anyone have some info, can anyone explain to the Ford dummy?
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Bump, I need to hit the jy here in the next day or 2, and id love to just get the transfer case.
take off the tail shaft part. swtich the output shaft and bolt on a tcase
awesome, so all i would need is the output shaft and tcase out of a 302 bronco?

sorry if im a bit slow, the whole Ford drivetrain is new to me.
c4/c5 took the tail shaft out of a c5 and put it in a c4 then my stock t case bolted right up. changing tail shafts is an involved job not hard but lots of things to go wrong if you r not care full. advanced adapters makes a kit for the aod. some more info on your truck and your self would be helpful .what year what v8 you put the v8 in . unsure what you have and what you want
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Well, the motor came from a 1991 Foxbody, I've been told that means the auto that comes behind it would be an aod. If it were easier i'd like to bolt up a transfer case onto my aod, I'm sure it will hold for the little bit of wheeling im going to be doing in it.

Now if the aod didnt come in the mustang, and it was a c4/5 than that would make it easier correct?

I need to change the reverse seal anyway, but would i just be better off getting a Bronco tranny?

If not I'd love to know more about using the tranny I have.

So many questions :p

I have a couple ford buddies helping me out a bit, my dad isnt a Ford fan, and until I bought this my buddies Focus is all I've tooled with.
ok the the fox body is a mustang most likly .the c4 /c5 is coustom built by me not hard lots do itit . aod is automatic, over, drive. noting to do with the c4/5 .. Advanced Adapters makes a kit so you can bolt a t case on it the AOD tranny. what year ranger? its got a v8 in it? did you put it in ? wheres the tranny from the ranger and what was it? did i miss this stuff some where?
The truck had a 302 that was swapped in back in the early 90's.

Yea, a mustang, it was a wrecked notch.

The motor and tranny were replaced a few months ago with those from the notch mentioned above, and switched to carb.

The truck is a 87 XLT 4x2, a dana 35 was also thrown up under the front, all the truck needs is a tcase and driveshaft for the front.

Sorry for not being so specific at first.

I make one post and assume everyone read it lol

My bad.
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so you have no tcase or front drive shaft? if that being the case ,then find a full size 4wd steal the tranny and tcase and fab it in things start getting real tight.some fabbing will be nessary to acomadate the full size stuff. you will need new drive shafts . imo doing what did is the easyiest and cheapest. maybe not the best out there but mine is holding together just fine. page 6 is the start of the swap. you need to do a bit of fabbing no matter what you do. wish i could be more help i am an old hot rodder and this is my first ranger 4x4 also allways been a ford guy, but on the street . so iam learning the rbv the same as any of us if this needs to be in the v8 section
Oh, well i just assumed being tranny tcase it fit here in drivetrain lol my bad

Okay so this could be quite a PITA if i just yanked a bronco tranny and tcase?

I might see if i can do the c4/c5 combo you have.

I was looking at your Cardomain before i joined here and was reading it over and over to see how you did it lol

I just want to get it going and get some all terrains on so when it rains i can do some light wheeling.

Thanks for all the help.

Luckily it isn't on the street atm, so i have time to tear into it and start getting an idea of what i need.
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