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Well first off, drove the new ranger 300 miles today to a ducks unlimited shoot and it was AWESOME!!! but i noticed the tailgate doesnt have a lock on it. . . is there some product that any of yall know off that i could use? cuz i eventually want a roll and lock bed cover but theres no point if the tailgate can just be opened lol
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I don't know ??? That would be a good idea, somebody must manufacture something.
I use a topper.
Most tonneau covers are lockable
My Undercover cap is lockable and the tailgate cant be opened until the cap is.
my cover lokks and keeps the tailgate looked all i have to do is unlock the cover lift it a few inches and i open the tailgate and set the cover back down and i can get into the bed or i lift it all the way up it has mighty lifts on it so it stays open
Alright thanks for all the help! do you think a roll and lock bed cover would work so i would have to unlock it, lift it up a little, and then open the tailgate??
I would personally say no to a soft cover. All ya got to do to break in is get a knife which defeats the purpose of a lock. I would get a good hard cover. Check out
mine is the classic one on the site. LOVE IT!!!
Ya yours looks good! i like the fact that it sits pretty flush with the bed. now is it easy to take off if you have to haul something tall?
Very easy!!! Ill take pics of it later to show but you just unhook the hydraulics, take the pin out, and lift it off. Its 40 lbs and I can do it by myself but is a walk in the part with someone to get the other side. Takes 2 mins tops with someone to help to take off and carry to garage. Strong too! Had 7 people stand on it before and it wont even bend!
wow it sounds like i need to invest in one of those! and i actually saw one today just like you have and it looked really nice
Thats tight! Im thinkin bought savin up for a bed liner but i gotta pay for gas and insurance so i think a bed mat will have to work for now
yea mine wasn't cheap about 1190 bucks cuz the top of the cover and the bottom lip of the tailgate and the bed and the sides of my truck and the bed rails but hey it's a lifetime warrinty
When I bought my truck from Ford I got a spray in bedliner put in with the purchase from a local place, Combat, and then the cap I bought for $800. Well worth it! Its a textured hardened plastic so you dont have to worry about it scratching like a fiberglass painted one.
That undercover bedcover sounds pretty good. I think ill go for something like that cuz those roll & lock bedcovers are like $1100
yeah those are expensive and I dont think they look that good cuz some of the roll or sectional ones are not completly flat. This one is a true cap.
red said:
i love mine
I want one fore my 92 short bed but can't find one
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