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what kind of t-case is the best to use with a v8 swap and goes together and in the easiest
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maybe a dana 20? what v8 and tranny are you gonna use?
i took the tail shaft out of a c5 and put in the c4 then my t case bolted in the stock location, no need for drive shaft mods that way
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Great tip sloue! Gonna have to do that with my BII! ;D
same bell housing pattern bolt right up to 351 . i building a 351 w for my ranger as we speak. will be using the tranny iam using now...
so the c4 c5 combo will bolt right to it and then what kind of t-case the stock one or one out of some thang else
yep c4 c5 will bolt up. I'm using stock 1350 t case no problems yet. the 1354 manual tcase is much better tcase, and will bolt up in the stock location.i bolted my motor, tranny together than laid the tranny in the stock tranny mount. then built my motor mounts to fit . no mods for drive shafts or tranny mounts that way. the 351w is just wider than the 302 the length is the same so it should all work.keep me posted I'm putting a hot rod 351w together for next winters project
ok i will thank for the info it was a big help
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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