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starting issue

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so today i go to my truck it started fine went and grabbed a dunking doughnut coffee come home parked bout 5 hrs later come out to leave for work it wouldnt start,so i banged into work then later on tonight it started and i got diesel fuel in a gas can for my work truck and half way home it died completely while driving so i got a jump and it died about 15 times on my way home any one run into this problem its a 99 ranger with a 3.0 flex fuel in it let me no -pat
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never had that problem. does it sputter before it dies? It may be the coil pack getting too hot and failing. any codes poping up?
it does sputter then dies
I would say the ignition system overheating and failing in the coils or the fuel system is clogging up.
thanks time for a new one
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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