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Sooo, you think BWW would sponsor me? Colors match up!

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Hell yes that's were Badinten and I met for dinner one night my mouth was still on fire the next day and we don't even want to talk about my ass the next 2 days hahaha :D
HAHA, did you do the challenge or something? I did it about a year ago in 3 minutes 5 seconds. Butt burned for days!
No Badinten ordered the hottest ones i ate about 6 and then we had the mango something and then another kind i was on fire inside and coming out hahaha
Blazin and Mango Habanero. I always get 6 Mango Habanero, 6 Hot or Wild depending on my braveness, and 6 Asian Zing. Love them asian zing ones!
You should propose it to 'em! ;D
Im thinkin about it! I wouldnt mind having their logo plastered on the truck!
lol you guys are killing me and we had the blazin the mango hab and the hot bbq bro lol. the blazin are nothing compared to a local place in my town its all heat and no flavor though they suck
What's up Badinten? Remeber that place I love it we have to go again soon bro. Missed you man.
Oh man that sounds soo good, to bad there is none of htat up here. :-[ I love wings, we only have a couple wing places.
Well, I am actually gonna be meeting up with a few Ranger guys this Friday at a BWW before I go to a hockey game downtown. Ill take some pics of their rangers.
what would be really sweet is if we could find a nation wide company to sponser the site or the sites rangers and bronco II's
That would be cool! Advanced Auto Parts?
LOL, okay then... how about BWW. That would be cool! Or Flowmaster!
flowmaster there we go
now how do we get the sponsership for it
haha, the hell if I know! Contact them with a proposal? We have Flowmaster plastered on the site in exchange for discounted parts?
Or that too! I could use a new super 44 with dual outlets!
Me too me too ;D
1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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