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Need your advice...replaced the fuel pump with a Carter fuel pump ordered online. The connector was different...had to splice the wires with the new connector and butt crimp connectors that came with the new pump. I did not solder the connections...just used the crimp connectors and made sure they are secure. I also did not use any electrical tape, heat shrink or zip ties...the pump and housing assembly are immersed in gas in the fuel tank.

I have read several threads about wire connectors for gas tank fuel pumps...most say this is completely safe and no need to worry.

Should I be concerned about the crimp connectors and potentially going bad, sparking, exploding etc?

What is the proper way to connect the new pump wires to the housing assembly?

2000 XL Short Bed, 2WD
2.5L L4 SOHC 8V, 197K miles, No Mods, just keeping it running
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