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I Put in a sony head unit cuz my stock was having problems but when i turn my music up loud it gets all fuzzy and if i turn up the base at all it makes everything fuzzy and sound like ****. is this because i have stock speakers or is it cuz of the head unit? it has 4 X 52W output and i still have stock speakers in. What causes this and what are my choices to eliminate this? im lookink for something that is not too much cuz im still trying to save for my duel magnaflow's
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magnablows well thats a waste of time but go to walmart and buy some speakers cuz buddy your are messed up
ya i thought it was that the speakers just couldn't handle it but i just wanted to make sure before i bought new speakers and i think i will just get them off ebay but the old ones where fine with the stock stereo but as soon as i put in the sony and turned it up loud they just sounded shity as hell
I've heard really good things about the Pioneer 3-way and 4-way speakers for our trucks...
Ive got the Pioneer TS-A6882R 4-way 280 watt max 6X8 speakers, and the head unit is an old shitty sony xplod with a partially blown 4x50 watt in it. These speakers are amazing!!! I love how it hits all ranger with percision and the bass hits very hard!!! The Pioneer headunit i am looking at regulates how much bass the door speakers get so the doors stay on and will fine tune the speakers. Im sure the Pioneer 3 or 4-way speakers would be a great add on to the Sony headunit!
Thanks, what about the kickers? are they better?
And can someone tell me what the difference is between the 2, 3, and 4 way speakers is?
kicker is great stuff too. as far as 2-way, 3-way, 4-way etc.. are called coaxial speakers. They are all mounted on the same frame and the number indicates the number of speakers on that frame. All coaxial speakers have only one woofer (the large cone), and the others are an array of mid range and tweeters.
Thanks and so 4 way is the best im guessing alright thanks for the help!
yes, 4 way will give you the widest range of frequencies. I love mine and im sure they will sound better when i get a better stereo.
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