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spay tint coner lights?? will it work?

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and what about headlight if i did one coat o paint on them or is this a bad idea
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Headlights would probably be a bad idea and may get you a ticket... I've seen some people do the corner lights, and it looked alright...

I would recommend getting some black headlights/corners off ebay or something
yea i want halo projectors that are black or black chrome
I agree with danny.
damn lol but do u think the corner lights would look good ?
honestly no. A girl with a yellow ranger did that here and it looked really bad.
hmmmm cuz i also am getting a black grill and painting the hood black and later want halo lights so i was just wondering
the best way to tint lights is to get some legit black automotive paint (not duplicolor from autozone either)and reduce it out then clear it, it works awsome and you can use it on all lights and lenses. that is how my tail lights on my mustang are done and they are so glossy it will make your truck look scratched. I am going to be doing this for a small fee very shortly for any body that would want to send me there lights.
sounds cool post a pic of ur stang lights man
here are some pics

you can see the reflector glare in this pic just to show that light goes right through them

I will gets some shotsof it at night soon for you all to see.
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That's pretty cool, thanks for the info, though I doubt I'd ever use it myself.
i'd be to worried if i did it myself the only taillights i have are my aftermarket ones
there's some spray tint called "VHT Nightshade" that most people use to tint their lights. I really like the look on taillights, but have never really been a fan of doing the front lights (on a Ranger at least)...
yea the vht is what i was going to use for my tail lights and maybe conrer lenses
that vht stuff is garbage. it dosent let any light through at all. this way that I do it you could tint head lights as dark as you want and it dosent make a difference on the output of light. it makes the headlights look a little yellow, but if you have HID's or blue bulbs it dosent affect the color at all.
do u have pics of headlights like that
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