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Some pics of the truck (Funny story INSIDE)

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Ok, so I went through alot of trouble getting these pics! I was traveling down the road looking for a place to take pics of the truck. Well I passed this old barn that I had forgot about. So I pull off on the shoulder and take a few pictures. I then turn the truck around to get some more pics. I get out of the truck and all of a sudden this white Nissan comes haulin ass and stops no lie--6" from my knees. The old geezer gets out and says:

conversation said:
Old Geezer: What the phuck are you doing!?
Me: Im taking effing pictures (I was mad because he about ran me over)
Old Geezer: Well I had someone just rob that old house of mine over there a day or so ago and you look suspicious.
Me: I'm well on the state right away on the shoulder and I dont phuckin appreciate you about running me over.
Old Geezer: Im going to look in the back of your truck!
Me: Look in my effing truck, I'm on the side of the road with a camera in my hand, what the hell could i be stealing.
about this time his grandkids pull up and ask whats going on

conversation said:
Me: The ******* about ran me over
Old Geezer: its alright, he's an honest person taking pics for some damn reason.
Me:: I like photography
Old Geezer: I wish you'd been here when those people robbed me.
Me: I wish i had been to!
At this point i jumped in truck without saying another word, stomped on the gas and threw mud and grass everywhere, hit the pavement with the wheels burning rubber and i bet i burned rubber for about 15-20 ft in reverse. I was pissed. anyhow end rant on to my pics:

and here are some pics before the truck got dirty:

Look past muddy truck, it gives it character! It was clean, and i had to take Sara home down her dirt road :(
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Nice pics I read this over on FRF lmao
Yes nice story and your truck looks sweet. It looked good in the snow too.
biglinc1 said:
sweet pics.... sounds as if the old dude was about to take you on til his fam showed up...
id liked for him to have tried, had be been younger, i would have dragged him out of that truck and showed him "what the phuck i was doing" no really there is no sense in someone doing that, i wasnt even near that old house down the road. And if i was going to rob something, i sure as hell wouldnt be on the side of the road in a red pickup with a camera
That's crazy!

Nice pics as always man! 8)
Lol, I would of thrown mud and grass onto his Nissan
love the pics with the old barn bro. see you got me thinkin about a few things here man ok i have seen millions of different rangers ( from stocker to shocker as i put it lol) and i must say your pics just make the ranger look amazing. i mean look at all the other rides on the site and great they look and some are beyond great underneath the skin. but im thinkin now if your taking the pics of your girl what can you do with a pic of our girls lol. cuz damn bro you gots the hook up with your girl bro lol.

as for the old man thats how they get in the great wide open. they always think someone is out to get them i kinda feel bad for them. i used to live in wy and i was scouting for old trucks but still had my ca plates on the truck so when i pulled up they yelled at me to go away an they refused to open there house door to talk. two weeks later i drove out there in the same truck with wy plates and they had me and my dad in for coffee and gave us the truck for $50
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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