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So Fresh...So Clean

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Saturday, my fishing tournament got moved to Sunday, so i had all day to spend some much needed time with the Ranger. She hadn't been waxed in a while. While I was in toen i picked up some Meguiar's SwirlX to see if i could do any damage to swirled paint. My hood looks AWFUL when the sun hits it. I washed and hand dried her. i then proceeded to use the SwirlX on the hood followed my a good clay bar application. Then i used some Meguiar's Paint cleaner, then Meguiar's Paint polish; and topped it off with a fresh coat of Meguiar's NXT 2.0 Wax. I just did all of this to the hood. i only waxed the rest of the truck due to that i knew i wouldnt have enough time to do everything i wanted because it gets darker fast now (stupid daylight savings time). I even waxed the Alcoas! I applied all of this by hand so when i got done, my arms hurt. ive got to get a buffer or go see Trent! I'm having the truck professionally buffed and detailed beginning of Spring to make the paint look like brand new (i hate working at a gtanite quarry) Anyways enough rambling, on to the pics:



(I hate how the sun give Torch Red an orange tint)

My buddy Jason's 2001 Dakota. Its alright. The Ranger will really outrun his 3.9L V6 in all aspects--pulling, acceleration, top speed, etc... He just had a new engine put it it due to the fact that his Ex blew the orig. engine by pulling it down to 2nd gear thinking she was in Drive---WTF, stupid blonde.

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looking good
very nice! makes the alcoas look brand new!

I havent washed mine since probably the summer of 2005... it has about a quarter inch layer of three years of pollen... LOL
Truck looks nice I love the red that they put on the Rangers
I agree, the red (other than the black ;D) would have to be my favorite color!
Well thats what you say now, but in a hundred years when those two trucks are the only ones left, you will take the red, because you will want to hide the rust... lol
So true.... Isn't that why they made spray paint though lol
In a hundred years we willl be all out of petroleum, who will have spray paint???
tell your buddy that there is over 100 recalls on the 00-03 dakota. i have an 01 and its fast as hell with the 4.7 v-8 and a 5 speed. i have to put a ton of money into it cuz the recall is only for dakotas with less than 100,000 miles

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Thats why im a ford person.
i got the truck for free i cant say much its fast lol

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1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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