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Snowdrift Rally 2010

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Here are a couple cars from the Snow Drift Rally 2010

This is Travis Pastrana's car. This was 4 blocks from my house.

And here is Ken Block's new Ford. (totally jealous)

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sweet i think they need a couple more lights on there :)
I almost went to this. But then decided that I shouldn't spend so much money every weekend like I had been the weekends before. Having no income sucks.
Nice pics man! Looks like a lot of fun!
They had some pretty serious security on site too lol

The rally pays officer overtime each year. I got paid to watch the races! :)
cvalcore said:
sweet i think they need a couple more lights on there :)
I didn't now it but those hood lights come off during daylight races. One of the guys working the rally told me those lights cost around $3000! I don't know if thats true (prob is) but you should see these cars flying thru the woods in the dark. The amount of light these cars put out is insane!
Looks pretty sweet man! Ken Block just won his first North American Stage Rally in the past week or so. The Fiesta is the Sti/ Evo killer!!! :knight:
Ohhh nooo, another project :D :D :D
Have '79 rx-7 gathering dust!
Sweet Tom looks like you had alot of fun...
Yes it is fun to watch, but I want to race! Lol. All the guys ar work are talking about putting a car together. Of course I would drive it. ;D
What type of car ya'll talking about building? STI?
Not really sure, something AWD. There is a guy who could be a financial backer but who knows right now. I've got a busy summer planned. ;D
much rather have an old lancer evo over a new sti. And Id rather have an old escort rally car or fiesta than either of the japp cars!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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