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SFA swap?

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just wondering on how i would go about doing a SFA swap any buddy really no whats involed to do what kind of axle i can use just look for info
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Yay! Someone finally asked!

Well, you have a few options available depending on what type of setup you want. The two most common types are leaf sprung or coil sprung.

The main axles you will hear about are:

70-77 Ford Bronco Dana 44 - coils
80-88 Jeep Wagoneer Dana 44 (NOT vacuum disconnect) - leafs

I'm currently in the middle of a SAS right now and can definitely try and help with any questions you may have! Just let me know and I'll see what I can do!
awsome well lets star with i work at a auto recycling yeard so i might be able to find what i need im lookinf for the fastest and easyest way to do it but i just dont no where to start
Since your Ranger is a 93-97 model, the Bronco front axle will make for the easiest swap. The Bronco setup is almost identical to your current setup as it is coil sprung and uses radius arms.

There is a fantastic write up in's Tech Section with pictures and everything!
you could also use a XJ jeep Cherokee front axle it will have have all the coil and track bar brackets on it already and i have heard of guys using the XJ long arm kit to make it work. i don't no if the long arm kit has to be modified or not
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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