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Seat Swap Info

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Here is what seats will bolt into a Ranger:




Veryyyyy Toughhh too findd but will work if you find them


All years. Tempo GT's are the nicest. Tilting "pillow" headrest and frequently power lumbar.


1982-1988, Turbocoupe has nicest seats same as Mustang GT,power-lumbar, adjustable thigh support, adjustable side bolsters on base.

Ford explorer

The most commonly swapped in that i have seen.

Ford Escape

Not without Modification to tracks

All of these should bolt directly to your factory tracks if you have either Buckets or split-bench.
You will have to run a Tap through some pre drilled holes in the bottom of the seat frames. The holes are already there but unthreaded.

If you have a regular cab Ranger you cant use the pillow style headrest, because it will hit the rear window, If you have a Supercab Ranger headrest clearance isn't an issue. Also, Ranger Regular cab and Ranger Supercab all have different floor pan profiles and therfore use different seat tracks, so be sure to get seats with the same track as yours if you dont want to do any heavy modding. If you have a conventional bench then you will need to replace your tracks with split-bench/bucket-seat tracks.
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Re: Seats

if i get the single seats for my ranger is there a center console that will fit in between the two seat?
Re: Seats

next weekend im going to the junk yard to get the stuff i need for the front end swap and the interior swap
Re: Seats

well my truck is a 96 ranger for the swap i need the front in brace finders hood bumper and grill headlights
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