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yes or no?

round lights look good on my truck? -pics-

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hey guys i jus cut some round shrouds out of card board and i was wondering what you guys thought they would look like on my truck

her plans are around 4" more lift, 33s, leveling kit, i got a full brushguard to go on her, im currently cutting out the ford symbol on the grill and putting in a section of a spare grill so the grill will jus look plain and debadged and awesome, and i got some F O R D letters to go on the hood. so do you think round lights wouldlook good on her? oh and id like to get some prerunner fenders too.

ill get a pic of the cardboard i just cut out for ya
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i have round headlights and i love 'em. i don't why more people don't do it. it's mucho easy.
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I got some "Bondo-Hair" here thats kinda like bondo but its supposed to have a 'fibgerglass finish', so would i be able to use that and just go right over this cardboard with it then sand it down after? and if so then how would i go about mounting it to the grill? or just bondo it to the grill? thanks guys

oh and its cut out to fit 6" round lights
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i would use fiber glass if thats how your going to do it. bond only will crack bond is not ment to be thicker than 3/8 to a 1/4 inch thick
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