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Replacing Fuel Injectors

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How hard is it to replace the fuel injectors in a 3.0? I have a terrible miss in the engine and my 6th cylinder is completely dead....I'm going to replace all the spark plugs cause they need it anyway buy if i have to replace one injector im going to go ahead and replace them all and get better quality ones...Any ideas on which ones are better? which ones should i get guys
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If you are just wanting a stock performance injector then just stick with motorcraft. They were engineered for the engine. As to how hard is it, its not hard but the injectors need to be charged up with the fuel lines so a shop would have to do that.
haha, was that too much for ya? LOL

Do you just want stock rplacement injectors or injuctors that will give more hp? Note if you do performance injectors then they are very expensive, lower gas mileage, and needs to be tuned into the computer through a programmer.
alwaysFlOoReD said:
"the injectors need to be charged up with the fuel lines so a shop would have to do that"
Please clarify, perhaps a spelling mistake?
Well, things might have changed with newer injectors but in our old 88 plymouth colt when you would either run out of gas or put new injectors on the engine they would need to be charged, or "synced up", with the fuel system so there wernt bubbles or sputtering from the injector. The new injector systems may not have to get that done. I just know it used to cost $75 an injector to charge them.

With how advanced the coumputers are these days maybe they can correct the sputtering from air bubbles themselves. The old systems and all were a pain in the but. The car would sputter and everything else like it was misfiring until they were charged up.
Im not sure. The new advanced systems in vehicles these days may not need it done. And thanks man!
Yes because now im curious!
West said:
I haven't really heard anything about "charging injectors" and I am going to school for auto service/ engineering. And your 88 Plymouth Olfordtruck had a totally different fuel system on it. It probably had a throttle body injection system where it looked like the engine was carburetor but it would have a couple of injectors right there on top of the manifold. The air and fuel would mix in the intake just a like carb would. The fuel system on our rangers is a multipoint injection system where each cylinder has its own injector and only air is traveling through the intake manifold.
come to think of it it was exactly like that! We got rid of that car 7 years ago so I didnt know much about it back then. Thats for that info man! Learned something new today!
ya i never heard of charging it ether i have been workin on cars since i was five i have worked on more rides than i can count. on most fuel injected rides there is a purge valve so you can get rid of air in the system. as for taking it to the dealer HELL NO lol thats why we are here right to show that we can do it our self hmmm my partner in crime is really an undercover car sales man try to up sale lol you bastard you killed olford NOOOOOOOOOO.
LOL, hell no! These injectors didnt have the purge valves. It was a plymouth so it was weird as ****! lol
about what?
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