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Replacing Fuel Injectors

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How hard is it to replace the fuel injectors in a 3.0? I have a terrible miss in the engine and my 6th cylinder is completely dead....I'm going to replace all the spark plugs cause they need it anyway buy if i have to replace one injector im going to go ahead and replace them all and get better quality ones...Any ideas on which ones are better? which ones should i get guys
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I don't know if it was but I replaced mine at home well my #6 one and I had no problems but to do all of them I am not to sure about...
But to save you time and money I would definetly stick with the motorcraft ones. I hope this helps.
I wonder maybe you have to if you change them all? I don't know I only did one and it was ok. hey like the vids Olford.
Hmmm any body else want to chime in??
Yes me to i like to learn new stuff 8)
Great Information Plum Thanks.
1 - 6 of 23 Posts
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