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This forum is very helpful to members selling or buying, so we want to keep it as exactly that. There are plenty of other forums for chatter and questions, so please leave the random off-topic chatter out of these topics.
Also, once the sale is done, a PM to one of the moderators (me, Olfordtruck, Demonfx4, Danny) to close the thread would be greatly appreciated by the staff.


**** additional notes added by rngrdanny22 ****

Also, we will be monitoring this board heavily. If there are no new posts within a thread for six months, the thread will be locked. If the item is still for sale after this time, a new thread will need to be created.

If you are looking to purchase an item from a closed thread, please PM the seller directly. Do not start a thread just to ask if an item is for sale.

Thank you!
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