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Re: Which Shocks Should I get?

Olfordtruck said:
Okay so I need new front Shocks on my truck and am in a toss up between to different ones. I dont want to go too crazy on getting top of the line right now since my big plans will involve coilovers in the future but I want something that will be good for the performance now. Heres my options:

Monroe 37122 Sensa-Trac
$35.89 each
Color: Black

Rancho RS5000
$42.95 each
Color: Red/ White

Im in a toss up between those and there is also an offer on that has the complete set of RS5000 front and back shocks for $167.95.

So what do you guys think?
Hi there, could you post a pic of your new shocks? I've installed the Rancho truck shocks on my ranger and honestly the extra dollars do help. They have not given me any problems ever since I installed them a few years ago and the ride quality has improved so much so that I'm often prone to sleep because of the very efficient absorption of bumps by the Rancho set.
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