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I have a new Ranger on order and read in the latest Leisure Wheels that the Ranger T6 gave problems in Namibia, something, like here - more specifically it was mentioned that there was a terminal engine issue and that the engine was dead.

I found the writeup in Leisure Wheels to be quite worthless - they went on and gave all the 4x4 personalities, but no real information was given about the 4x4's - such a waste of space.

Furthermore, they only mentioned two sentences about the Ranger engine problems, while nothing at all was mentioned in the Ranger Review of the latest double cab shootout of Leisure Wheels. I would think that reliability and the performance of each vehicle is something that everyone would be interested in.

Does anybody have any particulars about the Ranger engine problems as experienced by Leisure Wheels as I am interested in finding out about these issues as I have a trip planned to Namibia next year with a new Ranger?
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