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Line up the 1 5/8” Supercharger Bypass Hose and press the assembly down. Secure the 2” Hose Clamp to the Supercharger Bypass Valve. Caution: Do not drop anything into the Supercharger Bypass opening in the Plenum Top Plate. It may fall into an engine inlet port which could cause damage to your engine. Remove any rag or paper towel that you may have placed in the tube.

(Note: It may be easiest to have the tube connected to the Plenum Top Plate as suggested earlier)

Bolt down the ModdBox Intake Manifold Assembly to the back of the supercharger using the provided M8x25mm socket head caps screws.

Bolt the Stock Throttle Body onto the the Intake Manifold as shown using the provided M6x16mm socket head caps screws.

Locate the TPS plug wire and cut it approximately 3” from the plug end. Splice in approximately 3’ of wire to extend the wire to the new IAC location and plug it in. Use the provided 1/4" loom and tie-downs to secure the wire away from any moving parts. Caution: Make sure you do not reverse the polarity of the wires.

Place a thin bead of Black Liquid Gasket on the ModdBox Intake Manifold’s mating face as illustrated.

Place and bolt up the ModdBox Intake Manifold Cover with the provided M6x12mm socket head cap screws.

Locate and connect the Brake Booster Hose to the provided 3/8” barb located on the back driver side of the ModdBox Intake Manifold.

Locate the Fuel Injection Vac Line and connect it to the 3/8” barb located beside the Supercharger Bypass Valve.

Locate the Fuel Vapor Return Line. Cut off the press fit connection and reconnect it to the remaining 3/8” barb on the ModdBox Intake Manifold. Secure the hoses with the provided hose clamps.

Locate the Stock EGR Valve. Connect the valve to the provided Stainless Steel EGR Extension.

Use the provided M8x25mm bolts and secure the EGR Valve to the ModdBox Intake Manifold as illustrated.

Reconnect the EGR Vac Line.

Use the provided 5/8” hose (16” long) and connect one end to the Crank Case Ventilation Tube. The Stock Crank Case Ventilation Tube can be removed by pressing the plastic spring release on the end of the fitting.

Connect the other end of the Crank Case Vent Hose to the Stock Intake Tube. Secure both ends with a hose clamp.

Remove your vehicle’s Stock Airbox Assembly (see stock diagrams for more details). Use a saw to cut the Stock MAF Tube approximately 1” in front of the MAF mount. Re-connect the MAF tube to the Stock Intake Tube. Plug the MAF back into the electrical socket. See illustration below.

(Note: Some models will be equipped with a flange between the airbox and the MAF)

Connect the downstream side of the Stock Intake Tube to the Throttle Body. Secure both hose clamps.

Bolt the ModdBox Intake Heat Shield to the bolt located behind the passenger side headlight assembly. Secure the Intake Shield to the radiator coolant hose with the provided strap. Place your 70mm ModdBox Cold Air Intake Filter to the Stock MAF Tube and secure the hose clamp.

Replace the Stock Fuel Pump with the Moddbox 255lph Fuel Pump. See description here:
Install Instructions 4.0L V6 Cologne @ ModdBox

Re-install Radiator Rock Shield. Replace the 3/4 gallon (~3L) of coolant back to into the radiator cap.

Slack your Belt Tensioner using a 3/8” Box Wrench or Belt Removal Tool. Remove the Stock belt and replace it with the ModdBox 6PK Belt as illustrated below.

more edits to come... for the most up-to-date information... click here:
Install Instructions 4.0L V6 Cologne @ ModdBox
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