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(this is part 2 of 4)

Remove the HVAC Heater Hoses (2x 1/4” diameter) and the Intake Manifold Engine Vac Line (5/8” diameter) from the Hose Connector Fitting. Tape and label the hoses if necessary.

Remove the Hose Connector Fitting. Set the Hose Connector Fitting aside for later use.

Locate the 1 5/8” diameter Radiator to Thermostat Coolant Hose.

Relocate the Coolant Hose to be in front of the Oil Cap and around the AC Line as illustrated. Cut approximately 5” to 6” off of the hose and re-secure it to the radiator.

Be sure the hose will not conflict with the belt. If not equipped with AC, secure the hose with restraining straps if necessary. Do not dispose of the 1 5/8” hose. The remaining hose will be needed in a later step.

Remove the Fuel Injection Vac Line located on the right side of the Intake Manifold. Tape and label it if necessary.

Pry off the Ignition Wire Mount located at the top of the Intake Manifold.

Unbolt the Ignition Wire Flange Mount.

With the Ignition Wire Flange Mount disconnected from the Intake Manifold, proceed to pry the Ignition Wire Flange Mount approximately 2 inches toward the driver side. This additional clearance will aid in the removal of the stock Intake Manifold as well as providing ample space for the future EGR Valve.

Unbolt the Vacuum Regulator (2 bolts) located towards the front drivers side of the Intake Manifold.

Remove the Fuel Vapor Return Line. This fitting is equipped with a simple push-style fitting. Simply push in the large curved shape and the fitting should pull off.

Remove the Throttle Cable and Cruise Control Cable Mount (2-bolts).

Loosen the Intake Manifold Bolts (12 – T30 Torx bolts). Note that these bolts do not remove completely. Once turned out of the Engine Block, the bolts remain connected to the Intake Manifold. Caution: You do not want to strip these bolts. It is advisable to inspect the Torx heads and use a vacuum to remove any dirt that may have accumulated inside the head. It may be necessary to use a machinist scribe or similar pointed object to loosen and vacuum out any dirt that may be residing inside the Torx heads before attempting to remove.

Lift out the Intake Manifold.

Caution: Do not drop anything into the Intake Ports. Before Proceeding, fill the Intake Ports with rags or paper towel. Clean and vacuum the area if necessary. Be sure to clean the Engine Block’s mating faces.

You are now ready to being modding your 4.0L J

Obtain the provided ModdBox stainless steel Supercharger Pulley Adaptor. Slip the supercharger Adapter onto your Eaton M90 Supercharger shaft until it binds (either an 89-93 oval or 94-95 rectangular style M90). The pulley is designed to have an interference fit which will cause the pulley to jam once it slips halfway onto the shaft. Use the stock Eaton M90 Supercharger lock nut to ratchet the pulley down the remaining length of the shaft until the Adapter hits the stop on the shaft. You may also want to use a press if you have one available. It is recommended that you use a low torque setting on an air or electric hammer-ratchet to suck the pulley down to the stop. If you do not have an automatic ratchet, you may carefully use a piece of soft lumber to stop the motion of the supercharger rotors. This will allow you to ratchet down the supercharger lock nut with a standard ratchet. Caution: Be sure that no debris falls into your Eaton M90 Supercharger. The tolerances on your supercharger are only a few thousandths of an inch and may be damaged if material falls or gets sucked into the supercharger housing. Even rotating the rotors by hand can often pull enough air to suck debris into the rotors. Use a vacuum to clear your rotors prior to installation.
<photo coming soon>

Obtain the provided ModdBox 6PK Custom Pulley and slip it onto the Supercharger Pulley Adaptor. Use the provided M5x16mm socket head cap screws.
<photo coming soon>

Locate the provided Black Liquid Gasket. Apply a thin bead of the gasket to the Eaton M90 Supercharger flange as illustrated.

Obtain the ModdBox Plenum Top Plate and bolt it to the base of the Eaton M90 Supercharger & Pulley Assembly. Use the provided M8x40mm socket head cap screws. Clean any excess gasket material.

Use the extra 1 5/8” diameter Radiator Hose that was remaining from a previous step. Measure out and cut a length of hose as is required for your supercharger:
For the 94’-95’ Eaton M90 Supercharger (rectangular inlet): 1-7/8”
For the 89’-93’ Eaton M90 Supercharger (oval inlet): 2-5/8”
Use one of the 2” stainless hose clamps to secure the hose to the Plenum Top Plate. Loosely place the other 2” diameter stainless hose clamp on the hose. Place the entire assembly aside for later use.

Obtain the ModdBox Plenum Base Plate. Apply a small bead of the provided Black Liquid Gasket around each Intake Port hole as shown.

Caution! The Plenum Base Plate is NOT reversible. Before placing the Plenum Base Plate on the Engine Block, be sure the wider ridge dimension (shown below) is placed at the back of the engine bay towards the firewall. If this is reversed, your supercharger pulley will not line up with your other engine pulleys.
Optional: If you have purchased a ModdBox Intercooler Kit, remove the 1/4”NPT plugs and replace them with the provided 1/4”NPT hose fittings. Refer to the ModdBox Intercooler Kit Installation Manual for further instructions.

Place the Plenum Base Plate onto the Engine Block in the correct orientation (shown in the previous step). Align the Inlet Ports with the Plenum Bottom Plate holes. Use the supplied M6x30mm socket head cap screws and loosely bolt down the Plenum Base Plate to the Engine Block (you will need to verify the alignment of the supercharger pulley before tightening the bolts).

Place and align the Eaton M90 Supercharger and Plenum Top Plate Assembly onto the Plenum Base Plate. Visually inspect the alignment of the supercharger pulley and the other engine pulleys. A miss-alignment of approximately 1/16” is acceptable due to the length of pulley to the adjacent pulleys and the lack of ribs on the idler pulley. If the alignment of your pulley is more than approximately 1/16”, you can fine tune the alignment of the Plenum Base Plate. Simply adjust the Plenum Bottom Plate as required (they are fitted with slotted holes) and torque it down to the Engine Block.
Locate the HVAC Heater Hoses (2x 1/4” diameter) that were removed from the Hose Connector Fitting and the Intake Manifold in a previous step. The hoses need to be reconnected to the Hose Connector Fitting in a new location approximately 3” above the rear-passenger side Inlet Port on the engine block (Inlet Port to combustion chamber). Review the illustration below for reference.

Cut the 1/4” diameter HVAC Heater Hose that originates from near the firewall. Be sure to leave at least a few extra inches to allow room for error. Reconnect the 1/4? diameter hose to the Hose Connector Fitting. Note: You can connect to either 1/4? barb on the fitting.

(see part 3 of 4)
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