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Ranger lenghts

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hey guys, i was aggrivated by the lenghts of an 1986 Ex cab/short bed versus an 88 Reg cab/long bed, so when i measured the ex cab was around 4-6" longer. and if you do plan on putting a reg cab and long bed on an ex cab/short bed frame, the frame bends are different, so recommended is a body lift so you can cut down some of the blocks so it will all level up. im in the process of doing this swap now.
figured this might come in handy for some other people
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good post... this question seems to get asked quite often!
'84-'90 Bronco II 94"
'83-'97 Ranger short bed 107.9"
'98-Up Ranger short bed 111.5"
'83-'97 Ranger long bed 113.9"
'98-Up Ranger long bed 117.6"
'86-'97 Ranger super cab short bed 125.4"
'98-Up Ranger super cab short bed 125.9"
Good to know. I wish I had seen this 2 weeks ago.
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