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random videos members love

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this thread is for eveyone to post videos they have seen on the internet that they think is sick. please no videos that have anything u know should not be posted. and please give a discription of what is either in the video or what it's about thanks. this is her for fun so lets see some sick videos people. :super:
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did someone say they liked mattrax i think it was arctic well i like this car 500+ hp alot of fun here
Lovin the dyno of that stang! Lucky the car didnt fly off the dyno! Ken Block is good and all but nothing beats the Fiesta Rally car! Already seen that in competition! LOL
yes that stang rocks and come on people i know u guys get on youtube sometimes and see sick **** so share it with us
Red said:
That car was cool if the dam camera man can hold the camera straght hahaha nice
I know what the hell is wrong with them LMAO
Re: looky here

Re: looky here

That was sweet! I like how the burnout was done in reverse!
take a look at this a dat pu a chevy motor and a ford expo grill
This guy had one of the baddest buggys ever, built. Best of all, he drives it like he stole it.

IMHO this is one of the greeatest Off Road videos out there.......
Its long, but about 2 minutes in its worth it.

After you watch it, check out this one.

Tub Rock

Then type in Tim Cameron, or Fat Girl insane climb.
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have watched them all, even his new ride .the dude drives his ****!!
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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