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Random Pics of My Rig

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I decided to take a few pictures with a real camera for I my dad was taking a few pics for something he was selling on Ebay, so I grabbed the camera and took a few. They are a little better than the cellphone pics I normally take.

I sanded and painted the rusty spots on the bumper like 10 min after taking the

Cool front suspension shot

I went to the JY (to grab a few parts for white94ranger) and scored a radio bezel with dual plugs and no buttons, wiper switch, or 4x4 knob. ;D I can finally swap out the one my truck that has the floppy vents.

Pic of the Tcase knob I made

Its hard to see, but I finally swapped my Dixie horn over from the old purple Ranger

The new sticker adds like 20 Hp

I found a pic of my 94 back in its
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That's sweet as hell Plum! I really like the transfer case shifter!
Gotta love Visual horsepower!!!! lmao
Yes your truck looks good Plum ;D
i tried going the emblom color change thing with a gell one and it went really bad lol
that is my fav truck with out a dought
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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