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radius arm bolt removal

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Removing radius arms on 2wd '88 f-150. I'm down to the last bolt, the one that actually holds the arm to the beam, is there a trick? I already busted one breaker bar, it's not reverse thread, is it? I'm going to try heat next but I don't want to screw up the beam if I can help it.
Any suggestions?
Thanks, Richard
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A good impact gun (1/2" drive min) will make that an easy job.
you need one of theses
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just standard thread . try the heat, dunk it in auto tranny fluid let sit for a day. and if none of that works let it be for a couple of days then sneak up on it and hit it with a hammer. :laugh:should come with one of theses
Thanks everyone,
I've tried the impact, I've heard about trans fluid mixed 50/50 with acetone- I'll try that.
Sloue, to bad your 8 hrs away, I'd borrow that. what is? guessing a torque multiplier.
that my friend is a BFR or big fuckin ratchet lol
Got the bolts out. soaked in wd-40 for a week.
haha... nice man! WD-40 is awesome!
What is that thing?
Look like ratchets spawning.

you need one of theses
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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