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quick question

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how much do you guys think a plastic bed liner would sell for, whats a reasonable price, and mine is in great condition
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i have one i'm trying to sell right now it's a 8 foot one i'm selling it for 130 bucks it has some scratches on it
Yeah, I would probably try and get between 80-120 depending on the condition.
ok thanks
I have 4 or 5 that I cant GIVE away. They are all good as new with hardware and tailgate guards
Yeah, I think I ended up throwing away my old one. It's hard to find anyone that will buy one as most Rangers already have one...
And everyone I know that has one seems to hate it and it ends up coming out of the truck. I had one in my truck and it came out about 2 days after I bought the truck and I found some nice big round holes in the front of the bed as a suprise.
My paint was all scratched to hell when I took mine out...
Mine was in the bed too, but I was lucky I didn't have over the rail style. I really don't care about the scratches in the bed itself, either it will get replaced or bedlinered in it after the holes get covered up.
nobody wants them more people like the spray in liners or the do it urself roll on liners
West said:
Mine was in the bed too, but I was lucky I didn't have over the rail style.
I did :(
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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