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i jsut got a 2001 ranger xlt 3.0 auto ext cab and i have some issues with it that i knew up front but need some advice with.
1. the abs light is on and i found the rear sensor was not fully plugged in so i plugged it in and now the light comes on then off then back on and stays on.
i have the front hubs off for ball joint repair and need to know if i can ohm the sensors out or can i spin the rotors and probe the plug to see if i get a voltage? or ohm them for continuity?

2. i have the upper a arms out and need to know if they are replaceable or do i have to get new arms?

the transmission has a issue he told me about that when it is cold will not shift to over drive and the od light turns on in the dash and the shift is hard. he said he can turn it off and back on and it goes away, i don't know as i have not has that happen yet. just got it yesterday and now doing ball joints because i had a noise when turning and one joint was rusted so bad it squeaked.

so i will remove the transmission pan and change the filter fluid and if i can figure out what solenoid valve to change do that, can anyone tell me the valve that causes that problem? thanks
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