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I have a 2002 Ford ranger XLT sohc. I'm wondering if a 180 thermostat can be used in this vehicle? I'm not even sure that's what's going on so let me give you the scenario.

There was a crack in the housing unit. I ordered a new housing assembly and a new thermostat online. I figured while I had everything apart, putting in a new thermostat was a good idea.

It was April or May when both parts were changed and I noticed when driving my truck afterwards that the temperature gauge inside the truck did not move off of the C and my check engine light was on. I brought it to an auto parts store and they said it was running code p0125 and they were saying my thermostat was no good.

The truck was running fine so I left well enough alone. Come the summer months the check engine light went off and the needle on the temperature gauge started to move, not a whole bunch but it at least moved off the C.

Now here we are in October November and it's cooler weather just like when I first replaced everything. My check engine light has come back on with the code p0125 and the needle will not move off of the C again. I'm uncertain of what harm if any can be done to my truck if I indeed was sent and put in a 180 thermostat. Like I said it isn't overheating but will anything happen when the snow and colder weather is here? I kept the other thermostat because there wasn't anything wrong with it. Should I put the old thermostat back in? Is there anything else I should consider besides the thermostat being the issue?

Thanks I'm advance for your help.
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