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pulled bed sides

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ok im slacking but im not able to finish this thread tonight i will update it the next few days

ok most of us know what a pulled bedside is out of the ppl who know what it is about 90% have seen them. im not only going to show you what it looks like im going to show you how to do it so here we go.

when you first get your ranger there are supports in the beds wheel well that hold the side of the bed to make it more ridged and hold its shape. when it stock it looks like this.

Now the first thing you have to do is pull out the plastic/rubber guards in the beds wheel well to expos the metal supports. after that is done you will need to unbolt the front and rear supports. after you remove the supports mark a
line down the middle of the metal support that is still welded in the wheel well

this is about where you need to cut it. the line does not have to be perfect its just to help you out.

after you mark the line use a cut off wheel saw zaw or my norm of a jig saw and cut down the middle of the line. after you make the cut from end to end you will need to think of how your going to pull on the side (they called them pulled out bed sides cus someone pulls on them) however you can use a port a power or even a bottle jack for this step. one thing you will need is a piece of strap metal or flat matel of some sort and some screws to screw onto each side of the brace to hold it apart(see the yellow circle.

now depending on how you are going to pull or push the bed side determines the next step.
1. the fastest way- have a buddy put hands on lip of wheel well (yellow line) and pull. have buddy keep pulling until you get the desired gap (green line)and screw the metal to each side of the old brace you cut.
2. use port a power or bottle jack with a 2x4 to push the bed sides out. the benefit to using this method is a wider gap and a more even gap/ pulled bed side. put a 2x4 on yellow line and jack bottom on the orange line and jack apart until you get the gap you want.

now you have to add back in the supports you took out or make new ones becuz the old ones are now to short and need to be made longer like i did here.

so im showing three different beds in this write up but all three are mine and i still have two of them i just sold the third one. ether way im still trying to finish this so we can save it with out further ado pulled bed sides.

now some side notes to think of before i wrap this long over do how to up.
1. your limited as to how far you can pull the bed sides out by a few things the first and most important one is the tail lights. when you pull the sides the whole side of the bed moves making the tail lights not fit after pulling the bed more than 3".
2. the gas filler will not let you pull this side more than 3" unless you mod the gas door and the filler box.
3.when you pull the sides of the bed out the bottom front and back of the bed pull in making a bigger gap in between the cab and the bed.
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I'm wwwwaaaaaiiiittttiiinnngg. :)
o not you tooo lol i will work on it tonight leaving for work
i lost track on how long ive been waiting im really old now and im most likely going to die any day now. :( :D
damn guys im going to cry im sorry sniff sniff sad smily here im always working
we still love ya maybe lol
ok take a look
Yeah, it's not truly done till we see pics :)
ya i agree
with the info here i was able to get mine done
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how different was it from the newer rangers i have to do a 92 soon my buddy just pick one up and he loves it
can we sticky this or tech
I'll definitely like to do a tech article for this. Do you have any after pictures that show the pulled bedsides completed?
you know it boss man i will update them later today
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