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project mall man/fordzilla

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hey guys, heres fordzilla, ill just throw Mall Man in the title cause thats what its called on

its a 1989 Bronco II 2.9 4x4 manual hubs manual tcase auto trans power windows power locks cruise air cond.{disabeled} and a sunvisor that adds 84 horses
first i put new gaskets in her and pretty much rebuilt the motor..

her first mod:

^^from a B2600i emblem.

anyways you get the idea, lol.

and she caught on fire the summer of 09 hahaha

anyways i had to change every single damn wire under the hood, and i mean every wire. good thing i had a parts rig lol.
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scored a new factory brush guard just needs a bit of sanding and some paint the guy didnt use rust paint and up here in newfoundland the highways dept gets a bit excited with the salt trucks lol:
http://painted tail lights:
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gettin her dirty last winter
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since this i chopped the roof and bought some more toys to screw with, now im back to getting this one to go again.
she needs the brake caliber pressed back together, needs new transmission lines, and i put in new battery terminals, starter cable and lots of stuff. and today i had to take 2 different starter and scraped them down till there was nothing left to take apart, and we put the good parts in to one starter. so i now have a good starter, fixed my neutral safety switch so i can turn her over with the key, and she turns over good but wont go. she will catch a bit, seems like shes not getting enough gas, but i pressed on the valve thing on the fuel rail and gas squirted up all over the hood and everywhere, so shes getting good gas, and shes getting good spark cause sometimes she catches pretty good.
i just cant figure out whats wrong. but my buddy can make anything with an engine run so he'll know what to do
and next weekend hopefully im picking up a d35 and 8.8, but i think im going to sell the d35 and install the 8.8 and buy a used early bronco d44 from broncograveyard and get it shipped here and rebuild it and throw some 4.56s and 33s in there and maybe an m50d cause this transmission is on its way out the back door.
and i might cut the roof off the parts b2 and secure back on this one, i regret doing the chop

and some fun before chopping her

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Awesome project!!! Looks like it will be an amazing BII in the end! Its awesome now though!
thanks man, im soon gonna get a 3" body lift, and i mean veryyyyyyyyy soon hopefully. then mount my brush guard and winch.
do you like the choptop tho? i cant decide if im going to cut the roof off my other one and put on this one, i think i will. but either way for this winter im gonna get a peice of plastic or something and tape behind the seats so i dont freeze me ass off lol until the spring then do something with it.
I do like the chop top. Both ways look good but its something about the chop tops that i love.
lol thanks man, i might rig up a spare hatch to go back there yet. not quiet sure
I like it without it. Looks cool and its something different. But not very practical at all for the winter.
well today i was about to buy a 8500lb winch but i didnt have my wallet with me, i can get a discount from a friend and get it for 400. its only superwinch but it should be ok for when i need it.

also sometime next week im bringin her in the familys trucking company garage which is huge and park her in the back with my brothers 87 mustang gt lol and change the fuel injectors and fuel rail and some other stuff.

anybody got any tips for cleaning injectors? could i soak em in carb cleaner?
idk, im having second thoughts about this truck.
id realy like to tear into my old 88 ranger. shes 2.9 5 speed 2wd but she passed a 4x4 a couple times

she got a 3" body lift to
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you what would be cool is if you made the other top so you can bolt it on ive thought about this many time's but have not done it.
anybody got any tips for cleaning injectors? could i soak em in carb cleaner?

If your'e trying to get them cleaned, look for someone who can get them set up on a flow tester to find out if any of them have gone bad. Usually that cleans it out and the internal filters get replaced at the same time.
just went outside, the excab shortbed is around 4-6" longer than the reg cab long bed. so if the wheel wells line up i think im gonna start pulling off the excab and puttin on the reg cab/long bed cause thats in good shape. so looks like instead of a floor swap im doing a cabswap
The wheel base on an Ex Cab is 125 and the Reg cab long beds are 114, so the wheels are NOT going to line up.
put it on the full size bronco frame . then cut the box to fit
that would be sweet
Yes that is a good idea.
the axle is unbolted from the parts rig and the leafs are almost out, i got a couple bolts left and im just going to grind them out cause every bolt is a different size and a grinder is faster lol. so hopefully by the weekend ill have the leafs in the b2 and she will be ready to sell
Sick Fordzilla you got a lot to do on all those projects I am looking forward to see all them thru
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